Ravi Sandhu

Modernisation Coach

I am a portal to the future of work, exercise to Punjabi music, being lean and relationships.

Adoption Lead @ ServiceNow
I modernise technology-driven learning initiatives at scale by designing learning experiences and coaching change leaders.

Volunteer Group Exercise Warrior @ Pungra
I am modernising exercise to Punjabi music to increase levels of exercise amongst the South Asian community, one of the most physically inactive groups in the UK. Author and narrator of the book The Day Bhangra Died, and coming soon The Day Roti Died.

Host @ Modernisation Coach
I share updates from brands and people that help us modernise our world.
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Host @ Vegans, staying the course
The podcast that share stories from vegans who have stayed the course, and are not only surviving but thriving whilst inflicting minimal harm to sentient beings.

Let's stay connected, strike up a conversation
Let's get social. Or if you'd like me to drop you an occasional email as I create new books and courses, let me know.

Vegans, staying the course

After seeing many people become vegan, to then become disillusioned to return to being non-vegan, I decided I want to share the stories of vegans who have stayed the course.

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